It all started when we were quite honest fed up with repetitiously emailing or re-sending recipes to our clients during our cooking sessions.

So we thought we could do one better and provide a great way to not only showcase some our favourite recipes that our clients love but also to share some of the recipes that were way too difficult (or overly time consuming) so that they could try at home. So what started with our clients saying, “You people should really create a website with all this stuff”, is now finally online.

We hope you enjoy the site as much as we love penning the recipes and articles – share on facebook! And most of all, have fun while cooking!

Our connection to d’open kitchen..

Let’s just say the chefs that teaches (and conducts the sessions) also writes the articles, vets and calculates our recipes!

If you wish to learn to cook some of the recipes on our site or just want a boot camp culinary session, hit us up at d’open kitchen ( website, contact us at: ( or simply call us on +65 8499 0979 for more information.

Short disclaimer: Some recipes which are on the website might not quite tally with yours in class. They may have been simplified or augmented to ‘fit’ into your session.