5 White Spirits for your Home Bar

You’re thinking home bar! These are the basic 5 white spirits you ought to get – drink it neat or mix it into your favourite cocktails.


Vodka – Cosmopolitan

By far the most versatile liquor of the lot. It makes it may to most types of cocktails. Made from potato, or grains – its suppose to have a smooth, clean tasting burn with subtle notes of lemon or herbs. No, they don’t all taste the same!

My Favourite Vodka: Russian Standard Imperia (Russia), Zubrowka (Poland)


Gin – Martini

The epitomy of Englands liquor legacy – made most famous by its inclusion as James Bond’s most iconic Martini’s and its odd story of preventing sailors from getting scurvy. Flavoured with juniper berries and other assorted herbs and spices –  it most often comes in dry, fruity or infused varieties

My Favourite Gin: Tanqueray 10 (Scotland), Plymouth Original (England), Hendricks (Scotland)


Rum – Mojito

Hailing from the Caribbean and the originator of the word ‘moonshine’, its sweet-ish liquor is made from sugar cane molasses. It comes in Light, Gold or Dark Varieties. Within the varieties there are straight, infused, flavoured, spiced and a myriad of different combinations from around the world.

My Favourite Rums: Ron Zacapa 23(Guatemala), Flor de Cana 18 (Nicaragua), Havana Club 3 (Cuba), Pyrat (Anguilla)


Tequila – Magarita

Tequila from Mexico, is related to the mezcal family. No, it’s not created from cactus! More like the blue agave plant. Like rum, it has a sweet, almost syrupy flavour and consistency and comes in a myriad of different style combinations. Normally classified into Blanco (white), Reposado (rested) or Anejo (aged).

My favourite Tequilas: Patron Silver & Reposado, Casa Noble Anejo, Patron XO Cafe


Cachaca – Caiparinha

Closely related to Rum (also sugar cane), it’s Brazil some consumed liquor. Its godly sweet profile was made to be cut with heaps of citrus which just like the iconic Caiparinha. Normally classified into two distinct camps: industrial and artisanal. Let’s not get into the ‘industrial’ part ok?

My favourite Cachaca: Ypioca Prata, Sagatiba Envelhecida

Final Notes:

Do I have to repeat the message to drink responsibly? These are my top 5 ‘white’ liquor to stock in your bar! Most of my favourite picks should be available in Singapore.